Rail Transport

Freight transport by rail is a relatively new mode of transport. It is chosen by those for whom transportation by ships is too long and by air is too expensive. Wagon transport allows to transport cargo over long distances, it is perfect for transporting non-standard and heavy cargo. Also, this type of transport service allows to deliver the required cargo to points without pavement, saves time because there are no queues at the border.

Freight transport by rail has the most favorable price, distance and volume ratio: the price is more expensive than by sea, but cheaper than by air. The time of cargo transported by Nord logistics to Lithuania is 16–21 days. Freight is usually transported by rail to / from China.

In many cases, this means of land transport is superior to other modes of transport. It can serve all shippers: rail traction machines have high-power engines, so there can be dozens of wagons in a train at a time. The wagons can hold about 3-4 thousand. tons of cargo. Thus, the simultaneous transportation of large quantities of goods results in relatively low transportation costs.

Another important advantage is that the freight transported in the wagons is little affected by natural conditions. Rail transport is also used, regardless of the time of year and weather conditions.
Rail transport can be used to organize freight transport in individual wagons, wagon combinations and transport of non-standard goods. Freight is transported by rail in various types of wagons: universal wagons: semi-wagons, covered wagons and platforms; specialized wagons: tanks, grain trucks, road transporters, isothermal or bulk wagons and containers.

Rail transportation allows to transport not only standard, but also oversized cargo, so by choosing our transportation services – you will enjoy not only the quality of transportation, but also a professional team. Cooperation, experience and knowledge in logistics are extremely important aspects that allow you to enjoy the results you earn and your confidence. 

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